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About Our Nationwide Boutique Investment Advisory Firm

StraightPath Venture Partners is a premier boutique private equity firm with a management team offering over 100 years’ investment experience combined.

Our purpose is to provide access to alternative investment strategies to clients seeking to elevate their portfolio. Today’s asset allocation landscape is more than just equities and bonds. Our goal is to keep our clients fully informed as to the different alternatives available in today’s climate, maximizing returns and allocating investment products for long-term results that support clients’ longevity of life and retirement.

Pre-IPO Investing & Venture Capital Advisory In The High-Tech Industry

StraightPath Venture Partners has strong ties to Silicon Valley, putting us at the cusp of the most recent trends in the high-tech sector and allowing us to identify opportunities for potentially immense growth at a very early stage. We represent private investment funds investing in a range of high-tech, high-growth sectors such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service, social media, banking, and biotechnology. Our dedicated team is constantly seeking investment opportunities for our clients, always on the lookout for the private share access that allows our clients to invest early and realize potentially significant gains. Among the many opportunities available, we have access to the companies on the 2017 CNBC Disruptor 50 list.

We believe in forming lasting relationships with our clients

Given the dynamic nature of this high-tech industry and the rapid growth associated with it, it is essential to always consider the fundamentals of the business and to consider both the upside potentials and the possible threats facing any given venture. That’s why our investment advisory firm works hard to build a close and lasting relationship with each of our clients, educating them fully on all aspects of their investment and the implications of investing in private company shares. This approach allows our clients to learn as much as possible about the companies they are looking to invest in, and to have access to the StraightPath Venture Partners team’s expertise for wealth management.

In the past several years, our team has participated in some of the most desired IPO companies in the world through various U.S.-based funds and investments like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And we feel the best is yet to come. Companies that may be poised for future liquidity could outpace traditional investments without the typical day-to-day volatility.

Start exploring pre-IPO investing options

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