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Our Venture Investment Process

At StraightPath Venture Partners, we are committed to providing you with all the information you will need to embark on investing in startups. Startup venture capital investment provides the opportunity for high-risk, high-reward investment, which is why it’s key to understand all of the potential upsides and risks associated with the venture capital process.

If you’re interested in exploring your startup investment options, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register with StraightPath Venture Partners

The first step of the venture capital investment process involves registering with StraightPath Venture Partners. You will need to complete an accreditation questionnaire that allows us to establish that you or your group is an accredited investor, a requirement under securities law. This questionnaire will also help us understand what types of private investments you are seeking, so we can identify investment opportunities that might be right for you.

Step 2: Review opportunities

Once we’ve determined you’re an accredited investor, your StraightPath Venture Partners specialist will describe available investments that may fit your objectives. The investment specialist will keep you apprised of new investment opportunities as they become available.

Step 3: Commit venture capital contribution

The next stage in the venture capital process involves committing your venture capital contribution. Our team at StraightPath Venture Partners will assist you with every step of this transaction, keeping you abreast of any updates regarding your investment. Our third-party administrators will also handle all reconciliation regarding your assets.

Step 4: Close transaction

The final step of the startup investment process is closing the transaction. In this venture investment stage, StraightPath Venture Partners processes your transaction with the company, handling rights of first refusal, transfer mechanics, and escrow arrangements.

Start exploring pre-IPO investing options

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